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Sandler's Annual Summit


Every year we all come together for two incredible days of training and networking

The Sandler Sales & Leadership Summit

Every year, over a thousand of the world’s top sales, leadership, and management professionals gather at a resort location for the Sandler Summit, where we network, share ideas, celebrate each other’s successes and participate in sessions led by top Sandler training professionals.

Join Us March 16-17, 2023

We're hosting the 2023 Sandler Summit at the beautiful Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. We hope you and your colleagues will join us for two days of intensive world-class training and high-energy networking with like-minded business professionals from around the world.

  • Collaborate and network with other successful, highly motivated professionals across all industries.
  • Leave the event with game-changing key takeaways that you can put into action immediately.
  • Up-to-the-minute sales and management sessions facilitated by the top presenters in the world, including David Mattson, CEO and President of the Sandler organization.

The Sandler Summit Returns in 2023!

Each new event builds exponentially upon the energy and success of the prior year. The 2022 Sandler Summit event was a huge success for everyone who attended, so don't miss the next one!

Speaker Highlights

Dave Mattson, CEO & President of Sandler

Adapt... or Get Left Behind: Four Macro Business Trends Top Sales Leaders are Getting Ready for Right Now
Summit 2023 Wrap Up

Under Dave Mattson's leadership, the Sandler organization expanded domestically and internationally to over 250 offices in 27 countries around the world. He added numerous program offerings to Sandler’s training portfolio, including Enterprise Selling, Leadership, and Customer Service programs, along with Sandler Certification, the first measurable, skills-based sales certification in the industry.

Mr. Mattson is a best-selling author, sales and management thought leader, keynote speaker and leader for sales training seminars around the world. As CEO and President of Sandler, Mr. Mattson oversees the corporate direction and strategy for the company’s global operations including sales, marketing, consulting, alliances and support. His key areas of focus are sales leadership, strategy and client satisfaction.

Glenn Mattson, Sandler Trainer

Stages of Entrepreneurial Growth

Why do some people excel while others with great potential languish? There are four distinct stages of growth that every entrepreneur must go through and experience to achieve business success. Many will stall and plateau in the early stages and never get to the later stages of business success.

Take the journey with Glenn as he explores these four stages and how to advance yourself and your teams from one stage to another to ultimately reach peak performance as a true entrepreneur. Over 10,000 entrepreneurs have been impacted by Glenn’s work. Come listen how!

Mike Montague, Director of Community Engagement

Guts and Humor, How Happy People Sell More

Harvard Business Review reports happy people are 31% more productive and have 37% higher sales. Are you ready to have more fun?

A sales career can be one of the most challenging or fulfilling pursuits, depending on how you approach it. If you can't find a way to enjoy, the wins and the losses, you will eventually get burnt out end up in a midlife crisis or another career. David Sandler said there were two keys to unlocking sustainable success in sales: guts and humor. In this interactive session, we will use both to explore five benefits of being happier in our life and career.

Anneli Thomson-Horner, Sandler Trainer

The Science Behind Success

Success leaves clues. Join Anneli Thomson-Horner, as she breaks down what success means to improve our personal and professional performance. Together, we will look at the concept of winning vs success and decide what actions we can take to move towards our own vision.

Jody Williamson, Sandler Trainer

Developing Your USX - Unique Sales Experience

Jody Williamson brings over 35 years of real world sales, management and training experience to his clients. Jody's strong belief and conviction is evident in all areas of his business and its successful training programs and consulting engagements.

Breakout Tracks

Focused on Grow Your Business, Grow Your Team, and Grow Yourself.

Guest Presenters

Martine Kalaw, CEO and DEI Thought Leader of Martine Kalaw Enterprises, LLC

The Making of a DEI Playbook for 2023 and Beyond

Martine Kalaw is a speaker, author and founder of a DEI boutique firm that supports organizations to reduce the stigma associated with DEI and make it accessible to all staff.

Through her company, Martine Kalaw Enterprises, LLC, Martine addresses the unconscious beliefs and implicit biases that limit organizations. She's single-handedly built and executed onboarding solutions, management, leadership, and global mentorship programs, and customized training for Macy's, Xaxis, Wheels Up, Forsta, and Education First. Martine has spoken and led discussions on diversity & inclusion and leadership at LinkedIn, Bank of America, Hogan Lovells USA, LLP, Howard Hughes Corporation, and Cornell University.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy, Organizational Psychologist & Bestselling Author

The Powerful and Transformation Science of Your Future Self

Session learning outcomes include how to outgrow the identity and habits of your past self, how to connect with your long-term and short-term future selves, and science-based strategies for being your desired future self now and creating desired results.

Dre Baldwin, CEO and Founder of Work On Your Game Inc.

Grow Yourself: Work On Your Game—Apply the Pro Athlete Mindset at Work and in Life

Jordan, Manning, Gretzky... We all know the names of the greats. Talent gets you known. Discipline and mental toughness make the difference between being MVP and never moving past "potential."

Business? It’s the same game.

To compete and stay on top takes more than skill. You need the grit and mentality that great athletes use to stay on top. In this engaging and motivational session, you will uncover locker room and training secrets from professional athlete, Dre Baldwin.

Sales, Management & Leadership—at the Summit!

Every year gets bigger and better. Search 'Summit' on our Blog, or #SandlerSummit on your social channels for more pictures, videos, stories and information!